Sovereign Principles
The real power in a democracy comes not from the representatives, but from the people. The elected govern only by the consent of their constituents. Sovereign opposes influence from outside organisations which have had substantial effects on local and central government policy. UN Agenda has been decided by individuals who were not elected by New Zealanders. Regardless, their policies are nearly immediately converted to New Zealand legislation. No referendums, not even a public opinion poll. Eventually we find ourselves in a land ruled by foreign agenda, to the detriment of our society.

Sovereign candidates are resolved to take back the power which our predecessors have so freely given away – and return it to it’s rightful owners: the people of Northland.

Sovereign candidates also believe in true and open democracy. Segregation and democracy are mutually exclusive. Any attempt to treat one voter different than another, based on genetics, is a tragedy. There are plenty of examples of societies that implemented segregation and suffered greatly for it. On the contrary, there are no examples of segregation that ended well. Discrimination has no place in modern society and returning to it will lead to a dark future for our nation.

Central government has recently made massive steps toward taking power and control away from people at the local level. Our current government has made a terrible mess of nearly everything they have touched for the past 3 years. Up next is a fine for cow and sheep flatulence which will likely exceed the average profit a farmer makes. This same government has decided local governments should no longer own the water services infrastructure their residents have paid for. Instead, 50% of the control of these assets will be given to groups based on ethnicity. In the same way segregation cannot improve democracy, it cannot improve infrastructure, but will only add another layer of bureaucracy, inaction and cost.

Sovereign Policies
  1. UN Agenda and other foreign policies should not dictate New Zealand legislation - neither at the Local nor Central Government levels. Zero Carbon initiatives are misguided and a society should not implement climate policies which devastate their own economies and add debt to our already overburdened finances. Labour's proposed cow and sheep farm killing methane fines appear to echo suicide strategies in the recent UK Government commissioned "Absolute Zero" report which recommends ending ALL cow and sheep farming by 2030.

  2. The constant expansion of Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) and Outstanding Natural Landscape Areas which prohibit agricultural development are exactly the opposite of what our region needs. We will seek to stop their expansion and rollback previously incorporated areas.

  3. Never in the history of civilisation has segregation turned out well for any society that imposed it. We oppose Maori Wards for this reason. Our path forward is together. Anything else is tribalism and division. There currently appears to be no limit on how the government can implement the idea of 'co-governance' - a concept that is not supported by any of our founding documents. Such policies are incompatible with a free, open and democratic society. For these reasons we oppose apartheid He Pua Pua/Co-Governance legislation including Maori Wards, Three Waters and unelected Commissioners.

  4. We oppose Council LGNZ membership. The cost of membership and the outside influence on our Councils which it brings is a bad investment. We also oppose 'green' lending through LGFA. The Council needs to get debt under control and work toward LOWERING rates. Precisely the opposite of that which is occurring now. Until this happens, 'green' lending will only detriment our future.

  5. We oppose the Three Waters asset takeover. Seizure of our assets, which we have collectively paid for, is nothing short of theft. What's worse is that control of these assets will then be handed over to others based on ethnicity. The New Zealand Auditor General's recent submission on the Three Waters Bill states...

    'Overall, I am concerned that, as currently drafted in the Bill, the accountability arrangements and potential governance weaknesses, combined with the diminution in independent assurance noted earlier, could have an adverse effect on public accountability, transparency, and organisational performance.'

    This is a policy doomed to fail and leave rate payers on the hook for yet another Central Government catastrophe.

  6. We stand against Central Government overreach into what should be matters of Local Democracy. Attempts to circumvent local government such as forcing Councils to fluoridate their water against the will of the Council and their constituents – and appointing unelected ‘Commissioners’ to Council seats are evidence that without resistance, the concept of Local Democracy will soon be a memory. Fluoridation is a great example of "government knows best" policy that violates their own legislation. Fluoride is not without negative health consequences such as reduced IQ in children, and skeletal fluorosis in the elderly. As the most essential need for humans, water should be delivered in the purest form possible. Labour has decided to risk the health of millions, regardless of the evidence against the use of Fluoride.
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